Detroiters love their coney dogs, and most of us have our very favorites! Here's a great way to delight your favorite National Coney Island lover...

National Coney Island donated a great swag bag of NCI branded goodies – a grey lunch bag, 24 hot dog National Coney Island Coney Kit voucher, tall can Koozie, chapstick holder, socks, pint glass, coffee mug, winter hat and brimmed hat. You'll be all set to have your family and friends for lunch, dinner... and, well, why not breakfast?!

Kenneth Hershenson Art donated the first in his Detroit coneys series – a framed "One Up with Everything, National Coney Island" print. The frame is 11"x14".

Note: Item must be picked up.

Who loves National Coney Island? Here's the perfect bundle for them!

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National Coney Island & Kenneth Hershenson Art