Experience some Disney magic...in tea form! This Disney Collection of Teas by Harney & Son Teas Includes tins (30 tea sachets each) of these five blends: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Jasmine, and Moana – all presented with a handsome solid wood cutting board. The blends have notes that call out to their namesake characters. Tea lovers, Disney lovers, kids of all ages will enjoy delightful cups of tea with this wonderful item. Along with the tea tins, you'll receive a handsome 28"x6" wood cutting board.

We loved their website's descriptions so much that we are sharing them with you, to make sure that you understand more about these teas...

A black tea base representing those beautiful ears, along with rose petals and natural rose flavor in honor of her rosy nature and bright pink and red outfits! We added honey and caramel for sweetness that represents her positivity and boldness. Just like this tea, Minnie is a star (and she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to prove it!) You go, girl! Ingredients: Black tea, rose petals, rose flavor, honey flavor, caramel flavor. Contains natural flavors.

Beloved by all, Disney’s Mickey Mouse inspired this blend of classic black tea with rosehips and vanilla. It has sophisticated elements a character of his stature deserves along with flavors that are both good-natured and a little cheeky (no hot dogs are included!) If you love it, let us know – we’re all ears!  Ingredients: Black tea, chamomile, hibiscus, rosehips, natural vanilla flavor, white tea.

When you’re feeling in the mood to venture outside your regular tea comfort zone, then it’s time for you to try Disney’s Jasmine Princess Blend! We created this blend – green tea scented with jasmine and sprinkled with chamomile flowers – to tempt you to explore new teas! Not even a genie could conjure up such a special tea! Ingredients: Green tea, chamomile.
Snow White
We loved creating Disney’s Snow White Princess Blend, starting with a Mutan White tea base then adding apple pieces (not sourced from a wicked queen), apple flavor, cornflowers, and marigolds that reminded us of Snow White in her cottage with her forest animal friends. It may just be the tastiest tea of the land! Ingredients: White tea, apple pieces, natural apple flavor, cornflowers, marigold petals.

Feel like having an island adventure? If so, you’ll love this tea, created with all the spirit of its inspiration, Disney’s Moana. The aroma and flavor of this green bancha tea will instantly transport you to Motunui, Moana’s home, with its coconut, fruit, and island flavors. Sip back, enjoy and voyage to new flavor places – you’re welcome! Ingredients: Green tea, mango pieces, orange peel, coconut pieces, mango flavor, coconut flavor, pineapple flavor, orange flavor. Contains natural flavors.

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5 Tins from Harney & Sons Fine Teas' Disney Collection and Beautiful Wood Cutting Board

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