This item is perfect for anyone who spends time walking, running, or just dashing about town! It's a red (size XL) Hoodie with Mittens – The Mitten Hoodie Conversion with Patented TURTLe-FLIP® Technology from Turtle Gloves®. The mittens are part of the sleeves so you will never loose your Mittens again! This Turtle Gloves Mitten Hoodie is full zip hoodie style and has built-in convertible mittens that you will love. When not in use, the low-profile cuffs seem as normal as any other hoodie. But when you need a little warmth, the cuffs easily convert into Fingerless Gloves or MITTENS! 

As fingerless gloves, they can be worn long for more finger coverage or folded short. Then with a simple flip, the mittens pop out. To fold back into a cuff, convert to fingerless long, tuck in your thumb and fold onto wrist. Just like the hood is there when you need it, you now have mittens ready for a chilly day.

The body of Hoodie is a cozy polyester cotton blend and features a dual-layer hood and metal zipper. The mittens or ‘Turtles’ are built into the Mitten Hoodie and made of high-performance technical fabric, wicking and breathable.

Proudly designed and built in Southeast Michigan.

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Never leave your gloves behind again with this Red Hoodie with Mittens – Turtle Gloves

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