It can be pretty hard to find exactly the right gift for someone... until you get to exactly the right shop! This bundle gives you great options and will save you time as well!

Catching Fireflies is a whimsical gift gallery. The stores are bursting at the seams with handmade and Michigan-inspired products. They have locations in Berkley, Ann Arbor, and Rochester. At every turn there is something colorful and beautiful to look at. Many of the card frames and photo holders are inspirational and humorous. The store also offers many custom and special design options. This Charity Card donation has a value of $27, which you can use at all of their locations. No expiration date.

Costco... Do we need to tell you about the amazing things you will find Costco? With a $100 gift card, you can shop for your kids, your friends... even your pets! In fact, you can buy a lot of holiday dinner ingredients there, making your festivities not only fun and meaningful, but also affordable.

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You'll Find Exactly the Right Thing for the Right Person at Costco & Catching Fireflies

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Costco (Madison Heights) & Catching FIreflies (Berkley)